Polo rider cup


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The sports streaming service to watch the Quarters, Semis, and Finals of the POLO RIDER CUP 2022 Tournament. The ultimate international Polo Club competition, bringing together the best polo clubs from around the world.

• All Access Pass: Watch all the 8 top matches of the POLO RIDER CUP 2022: Quarterfinals, Semi-finals, and Finals, including highlights, and exclusive content you cannot miss!
For only 99€

• Finals & Semi-Finals Pass: Watch the 4 most exciting matches of the POLO RIDER CUP 2022 and discover who will climb to the top of the podium!
For only 79€

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You can watch the POLO RIDERCUP TV with any TV enabled for mirroring mobile devices or via Chromecast. Watch POLO RIDERCUP TV online or stream right to your PC, Mac, mobile, tablet, and more, without commercial interruptions.

For any commercial inquiry or information, please email us at support@poloridercup.tv we'll get back to you within 12 hours.

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